Greg Malinowski and his family ranch in south central Saskatchewan.   He grew up racing pony chucks with his family and is anxious to get back in the driver's seat and share the passion with his daughter.   He is hoping her passion for horses will motivate her to take the lines when she is older, as she is the one who brought minis to their herd. 

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Mike Kiemele is a new driver,  He started racing in 2014 and you can tell that he certainly  enjoys the competition and has the racing bug.   He is from Vulcan, AB where he is a heavy duty mechanic. 

Nathaniel Quinn has been racing since 2009.  He is an avid thrill seeker and enjoys challenging his twin brother; Brandon on who is the better driver.  He is also the joker of the family  and is always ready to challenge his brother and sister in a race

Alicia Dowie has been with the Association since 2001 and for the past few years has taken a hold of the reins as a spare driver.  Alicia lives outside Vulcan, AB with her husband Clay and daughter Emily. 

Cyrena Quinn-Anderson as been wagon racing since 2007.  She is one of the 4 female drivers in the Association.  Presently she resides in Calgary, AB where she is busy nursing.  She is the older sister of the Quinn twins, Brandon and Nathaniel.

Larry Johnson has been racing the chucks since 2010.  His spirit for racing has led him to be one of  the drivers to keep your eye on.  He lives on an acreage with his wife Lil in Stirling, AB.

Layne Ment has been racing since 2006 and can certainly hold his own on the track.  When  Layne is not playing with the little horses he likes to train and trail ride the big ones.

Tibor Kovacs has been racing with the Association since 2006.  Tibor and Kelly live just outside Vulcan, AB where they raise and train their miniature horses.

Carl Earl and his wife Pat live outside Vulcan, AB where they own and operate Double Tree Farms.  Carl joined the Association 15 years ago and is very involved with the training and driving of his horses. 

Calvin Earl has been wagon racing since 2011.   Calvin is a welder from Vulcan where he lives with his wife Alicia and 2 children. 

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Matt Rilkoff has been racing since 2009.  This veteran driver enjoys racing against his wife, Stephanie.   Don't let his big smile fool you cause he is here to win!!!

Brandon Quinn has been racing since 2009 and now resides in Calgary, AB.  He enjoys racing against his sister; Cyrena and twin brother Nathaniel.  He believes he is the better looking and also better driver so great competition is what you end up with. 

Daryl Buck has been wagon racing since 2012.  He lives in Saddle Lake, AB and loves to have the chance to challenge his father Eddy to a race.

Steve Laughlin has been racing since 2011.  When he is not racing Steve and his wife, Ellen operate a farm called The Ranch in Pritchard, BC,

Stephanie Rilkoff has been involved in the Association since 2003.  She lives on an acreage outside of Raymond, AB with her husband Matt and daughter Isabelle.  She was the second female driver in the Association. 

Clay Dowie and his family live outside of Vulcan, AB.  He has been involved with the Association since the beginning.  Clay's wife Alicia is one the female drivers and they love to compete.  Clay enjoys every aspect of the miniatures and also getting new people involved. 

Dave Maheden and his wife live in Ponoka.  They have been involved with the minis since 2011 from helping out other drivers to working in the arena.  Dave will make his debut as a rookie driver this year. 

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Charlene Bier and her son Tyson live outside of  Vulcan, AB.  She was the first female driver in the Association.   She is a bullet in the wagon and has earned the name of the Queen of  Speed. 

Bill Bier has been involved in the Association since 1999.  Buying, selling and raising miniature horses has become a family past time on their acreage in Stirling, AB. 

Alberta Miniature Chuckwagon Racing Association

Eddy Makokis is from Saddle Lake, AB where he has been the Chief of the Cree Nation since 1997.

Eddy has been racing since 2012.  He is a fierce competitor and ready to challenge the veteran drivers. 

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